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Experience the Power of Story and elevate your event through the art of storytelling.


A seamless solution for all your speaker needs. We house a collection of speakers for clients requiring motivational speakers, personal storytellers, inspiration, celebrity appearances, conference facilitators, or keynote speakers. You'll save time and money by working with a bureau that specializes in selecting the most exceptional speakers and storytellers, so you don't have to! Our speakers and storytellers are fully vetted and guaranteed to deliver powerful experiences that make a lasting impact on your audience.


Contact Missy Day for Speaker Bureau information: 702-493-2611 or email.


Each professional keynote speakers is chosen for their expertise, charisma, and ability to inspire audiences. Our speakers are industry leaders, bestselling authors, and renowned experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every event. They are masters at crafting and delivering compelling stories that resonate with audiences, sparking thought, inspiring action, and leaving a lasting impression. Whether you're looking to educate, motivate, or entertain, our professional keynote speakers are guaranteed to elevate your event and leave your audience inspired and engaged.

Dean Smith

Transformational Speaker | Mindset and Habit Coach

Dean is a high-performance coach for life and leadership and is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on the topic of forgiveness. He has a broad range of life experiences ranging from playing professional basketball to earning multiple awards as a nationally recognized sales professional.

In 2010, Dean was the subject of an award-winning documentary film. This film has been an inspiration around the globe and chronicles his journey to do what many believed was impossible, forgiving the unforgivable.


Dean’s passion is helping leaders transform their thoughts, habits, and relationships so they can ignite their passion, increase their capacity, and improve their performance in all areas of life.

Lynne Franklin

Leadership Communication Expert | Speaker | Author

Leaders and teams—in companies of all sizes and many industries—work with her to break down their communication silos. They advance their careers by building more rapport, creating more trust, and developing cultures where people want to work. 


Lynne has presented before the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Ceilings and Internal Systems Construction Association, CIBC, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, New York Department of Homeland Security, Northwestern Mutual, Ragan’s Storytelling for Communicators Conference, among others.

Delinda Layne

Speaker | EmpowerMentor | Author

When she takes the stage, people sit taller and listen harder.

Her High-heeled glamor, limitless mindset, and straight talk command the room. Audiences feel an immediate and electric connection with her, they experience her love of being with them and her sincere desire to share practical tools to become more successful: both professionally and personally.


They will be taken on a journey, laugh, participate, and discover that life is about the choices we make. Audiences walk out excited to own their choices, take responsibility for their lives, step out of fear, and take action on all they learned.

Gerard Ramalho

Professional Storyteller | Multi Award-Winning Television Journalist | Communications & Media Relations Expert

Gerard Ramalho is a professional storyteller and 7 time Emmy award-winning television journalist. Throughout his career he has been responsible for generating and producing impactful content for on-air and in-person presentation. He has taught journalism and storytelling at the university level at UNLV, and currently coaches business owners and individuals on how to effectively craft and deliver their message. 


Gerard is dedicated to public service and a regular speaker and emcee of various community-wide events. He has worked with several non-profit organizations as a Board Member and Media Liaison, as well as Staff Development Director

David Dendy

Speaker | Comedian | Author

David Dendy is The Stand Up Speaker who delivers inspirational and motivational messages that provide practical, researched, applicable methods to identify, embrace, and overcome the dreaded "F" word (Fear). 


His secret sauce? Laughter! The notion of laughter and laughing actually helps us make fearless decisions as well as be more creative, good-natured and a better person, employee and leader in the process. 


Levity, humor, and laughter allows people to be more productive, live with less stress with a healthier body and mind (less sick days!) and ultimately improves the bottom line for businesses and life itself! 


David has the unique ability to customize his message to meet the needs of the audience, be it a corporate setting, conference or retreat setting.

Sophia Falke

Speaker | Coach | Author

Step into a world where inspiration meets practical wisdom. Meet Sophia Falke (pronounced Fall-key), a seasoned author, international motivational speaker, and professional and personal development expert. With a talent for infusing wit and wisdom into her talks, Sophia has earned accolades as a speaker and bestseller author for her insightful work.
Through a diverse career spanning healthcare administration, marketing, labor relations, ministry, coaching, and more, Sophia has honed her craft and developed a unique perspective on achieving personal and professional greatness. She firmly believes in the power of individuals to shape their own lives and influence positive change in the world—one thought, one word, one action at a time.
Ready to unlock the potential of your audience? Sophia offers keynote presentations, seminars, and coaching sessions that inspire action and drive results. Click the link to her one sheet and discover how Sophia Falke can elevate your next event with her blend of insight and inspiration.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes, Ph.D.

Bestselling Author | Captivating Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes, Ph.D., is a bestselling author and captivating keynote speaker. Jeff has written two best selling books on the life and lessons learned from Walt Disney’s wisdom. He engages his audience with lessons learned from his own life and from Walt’s. 


The lessons Jeff shares for setting and accomplishing amazing goals, are universal, which leads to Jeff’s wide appeal and popularity among his audiences. 


His positive message inspires those who are looking to overcome adversity, and go from dreamers to doers! Jeff's storytelling allows each team member, that is faced with challenges and choices, the ability to learn how to decide between taking the safe route, or leaning into change and opportunity. If your team is dealing with change, adversity or even ambitious goals against all odds, Jeff's message delivers every time. 



Our up-and-coming speakers are carefully selected for their unique perspectives, fresh ideas, and dynamic presentation styles. These speakers are not only talented storytellers but also passionate individuals who are eager to share their stories and insights with the world. They will bring a fresh energy and enthusiasm to your event.

Stacy Mulligan

Speaker | Storyteller | Maxwell Certified DISC Consultant

Stacy Mulligan is a dynamic entrepreneur known for her inspirational speaking, real estate expertise, and passion for baking. She shares her experiences of taking risks, overcoming challenges, and finding success in unexpected avenues.

Stacy’s authentic and relatable speaking style resonates with audiences, inspiring them to be brave, chase their dreams and embrace their unique talents. She shares about her own bumps, bruises and road blocks along the way, while inspiring the audience to know that there is a beautiful life waiting on the other side of the hard work and sacrifice.

Skip Moody

Speaker | Consultant | Filmmaker

A true storyteller nurtured amidst the serene landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Skip Moody's journey is a tale of triumph, transformation, and unwavering faith. As a standout two-sport Division 1 athlete for the University of Washington, Skip's athletic prowess was evident from an early age, setting the stage for a promising future.

Academically inclined, he secured a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Masters of Communications in Digital Media, laying a robust foundation for his strategic thinking and understanding of the ever-evolving marketplace. 

Skip is a confluence of talents, experiences, and passions. Whether on the field, behind the camera, or on the stage, he continues to redefine boundaries, inspire others, and make a meaningful difference in every endeavor he undertakes. Today, his life stands as a testament to resilience, redemption, and the indomitable power of faith. His journey serves as a poignant reminder that even in our most challenging times, there lies an opportunity for rebirth, growth, and a meaningful connection to something greater than ourselves.


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