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Susan Marques

Speaker | Coach | Entrepreneur

Infused with practical advice - Susan's transparent and effective keynotes resonate with the audience to

turn setbacks and failures into successes and triumphs by intertwining health, wellness, and fitness strategies.


Power of Health & Wellness

Transformative Health & Fitness Tips for Peak Performance

Susan, Registered Yoga Teacher and former National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer, utilizes her experience in coaching to deliver a transformative keynote delving into essential transformative health and wellness tips that power your day for success, growth, and happiness for better performance.

Social Selling

Leveraging the Power of Social Media Marketing

Susan leverages her past and present experiences as Chief Marketing Officer and luxury real estate sales strategist by sharing practical strategies to leverage social media marketing to boost sales with effective and resourceful tips that will resonate, motivate and inspire.

Live. Fit. Pray.

Elevate Your Life: A Christian Perspective on Achieving Your Peak Potential

Elevate your faith, elevate your life. You will leave equipped with strategies to improve your wellness, deepen your faith, and ultimately step into a higher version of yourself with practical advice from the Bible, encouraging words of the spirit to seek more than just mediocrity but God’s highest and best purpose for your life.

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