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Shaunie Hoskins

Speaker | Storyteller | Counselor

Shaunie Hoskins is the dynamic and vibrant storyteller behind "The Color of Story." Her stories paint pictures of resilience, hope, and transformation, blending the shades of human experience into a colorful blend of inspiration. With each story she tells and each keynote she delivers, Shaunie fully engages her audience, allowing them to see the world through the lens of possibility.

Shaunie brings a unique blend of expertise to her keynotes, drawing from her personal stories, background in Sales and Sales Management, and certifications in the Maxwell Method of Speaking. As a Spiritual Life Counselor, ordained Minister and former University Chaplain, Shaunie offers deep insights into spirituality and personal growth. Her educational background in Historical Theology and Art adds depth to her messages, connecting with audiences on a profound level.

Shaunie provides her audiences with practical strategies for immediate implementation.

  • Change thought patterns to achieve lasting happiness.

  • Adopt strategies for making consistent choices that shift perspectives and eliminate negative self-talk.

  • Learn actionable steps to achieve mental and spiritual health.

  • Receive tools to align spiritual, personal, and work values effectively.

  • Inspire and motivate others to take action and foster lasting change.

Shaunie will empower your audience to achieve personal growth, spiritual alignment, and a healthier mental state.


The Power of Perspective: Broken Crayons Still Color

Learn how embracing our challenges can be transformative.

We may feel broken, but we can still color! Our imperfections and challenges can become the foundation for growth, happiness, and self-discovery. Shaunie uses the art of storytelling to guide the audience on how turning obstacles into opportunities, both personally and professionally, can help you thrive! Shaunie offers practical strategies to shift thought patterns and achieve genuine happiness. The audience gains actionable insights and techniques to make small, consistent choices that foster positive change, ultimately transforming negative self-talk into a source of strength and resilience.

  • Receive tools, beyond willpower, to create lasting changes.

  • Learn how to change thought patterns to achieve happiness.

  • Get strategies for making small, consistent choices that change perspectives and negative self-talk.

The Mindful Workspace

Harmonize the workspace through spiritual, mental, and personal alignment.

Creating a mindful workspace by aligning spiritual and mental health, along with personal values fosters a healthier and more productive corporate environment. Achieving mental and spiritual well-being is crucial for both personal and professional success. By aligning spiritual, personal, and work values, employees can experience a transformative impact on their overall well-being and performance. Shaunie focuses on the pressing need for spiritual and mental health in corporate culture and shares how to pave the way for a more balanced, fulfilling, and thriving workplace.

  • Learn actions to get mentally and spiritually healthy.

  • Receive tools to align spiritual, personal, and work values.

  • Understand how to drastically change the corporate setting.

The Power of One: Ordinary People DO Make a Difference

Discover how ONE person can transform the world.

Shaunie inspires action by showcasing the extraordinary power of small steps, featuring stories of ordinary people, including her own experiences, who have made remarkable changes. Every action, no matter how small, can lead to significant positive impact! The audience receives practical tools and strategies for immediate implementation in both personal and professional spheres, empowering them to create positive change and realize the profound difference one individual can make.

  • Receive practical tools and strategies to implement change right away.

  • Learn how to take the first step, no matter how small, to create change.

  • Understand how to inspire others to action to insight change.

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