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Maria Trusa

Speaker | Coach | Author | Podcaster

Maria Trusa is an author, entrepreneur, and human rights advocate for children. She is a philanthropist and public speaker, as well as a leader in the healthcare field. Owner and CEO of Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care in White Plains, Trusa has focused on creative and entrepreneurial solutions to provide quality healthcare in a medical membership model for the vulnerable Latino community, undocumented, and uninsured families.

Maria’s transformational methodology is centered on guiding women through a step-by-step journey of self-actualization, releasing the bonds that have held them captive and ultimately granting themselves the emotional autonomy to rewrite their stories and empower those around them.


Unlocking the Power of Forgiveness for Personal and Organizational Healing:

Discover how Maria has harnessed the immense potential of forgiveness in her own journey and learn how your team or organization can access this profound healing

force to accelerate growth and well-being.

Breaking the Cycle of Transgenerational Trauma and Cultivating Resilient Families:

As a leader and organization, your ability to foster strong connections within your team is paramount. Maria offers expert guidance in helping your employees address and overcome personal trauma, creating a supportive environment that transcends generations, and builds a safe, open space for your team to thrive and communicate effectively.

Elevating Leadership - Unleash Your Team’s Full Potential:

With a wealth of 35 years in leadership roles, Maria shares insights on identifying growth opportunities within your team or organization and how to harness individuals unique strengths to optimize performance.

Empowering Female CEOs for Business Success:

The success of your corporation hinges not only on skillsets but also on personal growth, mindset, and a curiosity-driven approach. Recognize the power of self-awareness in aligning your human side with your skillsets, fostering a balanced and successful business environment.

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