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Janelle Kennedy

Speaker | Trainer | Podcaster

Beginning her journey as a Pyrotechnic Coordinator for legendary bands such as Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses, and Metallica in the early 90s, she honed her logistical prowess and event management skills on a global scale.

Transitioning seamlessly into the Real Estate industry in 1997, Janelle embarked on a journey of growth and discovery. From her early days as an Account Executive to her roles in Home Warranty and Title/Escrow, she demonstrated a relentless commitment to excellence and a drive to continually expand her

knowledge and talents.

In 2022, fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make a meaningful impact, Janelle founded Jayde Consulting, where she leverages her expertise to help local businesses thrive and succeed in today's competitive landscape. Her diverse background has not only shaped her approach to business but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for collaboration, innovation, and the power of bringing people together.

Janelle works hard to inspire others with her enthusiasm and joy, using her positivity and creativity to inspire the lives of others.


  • The Power of Relationships: Building Successful Business Partnerships

  • Strategies for Effective Networking

  • Effective Follow-Up Strategies

  • Leveraging Partnerships for Long-Term Success

  • Simplify the Sales Process and Prospecting

  • Value Add...What is it and how to use it

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