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Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes Ph.D.

Bestselling Author | Captivating Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes, Ph.D., is a bestselling author and captivating keynote speaker. Jeff has written two best selling books on the life and lessons learned from Walt Disney’s wisdom. He engages his audience with lessons learned from his own life and from Walt’s.

The lessons Jeff shares for setting and accomplishing amazing goals, are universal, which leads to Jeff’s wide appeal and popularity among his audiences.

His positive message inspires those who are looking to overcome adversity, and go from dreamers to doers! Jeff's storytelling allows each team member, that is faced with challenges and choices, the ability to learn how to decide between taking the safe route, or leaning into change and opportunity. If your team is dealing with change, adversity or even ambitious goals against all odds, Jeff's message delivers every time.

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