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Charlotte Hart

Style, Fashion and Wardrobe Whisperer

Charlotte has a firm belief that first impressions are what matters most. Her client’s style and closet should consist of certain staples that make it quick and easy to pull an outfit together to give the very impression they want to lead with. Once that easy base is established, it’s time to intersperse fun and playful pieces that will elevate those basics for other occasions.

My style seminar dives into the importance of dressing to truly connect with clients, business partners and colleagues alike. Unless we dress the part to convey that we are professional, capable, trustworthy, have clients’ best interest at heart and can help them, we will not attract their business.

I teach the audience how to make it easy, stress-free and non-costly to stock and manage their wardrobes to make it quick and convenient to dress to attract the desired business. I share simple tips on how to style outfits and ensure focus is drawn to business, not employees’ clothing. Attendees learn to master the key pieces to keep in the closet to make it simple, clean and classic to get dressed for the day.

The Power of Dressing for Success.

Understanding the significance of dressing for success and learning simple steps to do so has immense benefits for employees and the firm:

  • Distinguish your firm through a unique dedication to employee well-being, career growth, and innovative benefits.

  • Dressing for success elevates the firm's reputation for professionalism.

  • Confidence breeds happiness, amplifying productivity and company morale.

  • Dressing for success fosters rapport, referrals and career growth.

  • Cultivate dress code awareness: An indirect employee guidance.

  • Boost employee confidence, empowerment & future ambitions.

Seminar may be tailored to include:

  • How to put together an outfit & style a look for work.

  • Tips to flatter all body types for a professional look.

  • Key points for a professional look/attire.

  • How to curate & manage a closet with ease.

  • Feel good and look great with ease.

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